by lifeandfoodwithsoul

Hello, and welcome to Life And Food With Soul, a homebody living lifestyle blog, and my little corner of the internet where I share my love for life, family, food, and cooking.

My name is Jessica.  My husband, Doug and I live in Northern Virginia with our son Michael, and our two dogs Pumba and Leo.

I started Life And Food With Soul simply because I love cooking for family and friends, and I figure why not share my recipes with readers who also enjoy cooking for the ones they love.  You’ll find that most of my posts will be recipes, DIY projects, and new decor ideas in our home, but occasionally I will share bits and pieces of our travel adventures in life with you too!

Thanks for stopping by!  

 10 Fun Facts About Me:
1.  I am a serious Grey’s Anatomy fan, it is my absolute favorite show. I re-watch earlier seasons when I’m in a mood.
2.  I’ve big chopped twice.  First going natural in 2011 and then cutting off my locs in 2017.
3.  I have 6 tattoos
4.  I’m a third degree black belt
5.  I’ve traveled to 20 states and 3 countries overseas
6.  I’m an only child
7.  For 3 years I successfully owned and ran my calligraphy business Jessica Barbee Calligraphy and I loved every minute of it.  
8.  I went to culinary school
9.  I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 10 years
10. I lived in Idaho for 2 years  

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